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23-Jan-2017 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Court postpones trial of Nabeel Rajab for an eighth time
20-Jan-2017 Buzzfeed Bahrain – UK Protesters Say Staff At The Bahrain Embassy Chucked Hot Water On Them From A Balcony
19-Jan-2017 IB Times UK Bahrain – Death Penalty Britain urged to act as two face execution in Bahrain
19-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Executions Bahrain unrest: City hall torched as execution protests rage
17-Jan-2017 Get West London Bahrain – UK CPS accused of wasting time and money as charges against Science Museum protester are dropped
16-Jan-2017 DW Bahrain – Executions Executions are latest rights violations in Bahrain
15-Jan-2017 NZZ Bahrain – Executions Bahrain exekutiert 3 Schiiten
15-Jan-2017 Blick Bahrain – Executions Erschiessungskommando in Bahrain richtet 3 Männer hin
15-Jan-2017 DW Bahrain – Executions Bahrain und die Menschenrechte
15-Jan-2017 Die Zeit Bahrain – Executions Bahrain vollstreckt Todesurteile durch Erschießen
15-Jan-2017 DW Bahrain – Executions DW: Bahrain executes three, despite protests
15-Jan-2017 Irish Times Bahrain – Executions Irish Times: Bahrain executes three Shia men over police killings
15-Jan-2017 Aljazeera Bahrain – Executions AlJazeera: Bahrain executes three over police killings
15-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Executions Middle East Eye: Bahrain executions spark violent protests
15-Jan-2017 BBC Bahrain – Executions BBC: Bahrain executes three Shia men over 2014 police killing
15-Jan-2017 The Telegraph Bahrain – Executions The Telegraph: Bahraini authorities execute three Shia Muslim men convicted of killing an Emirati police
15-Jan-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Executions The Guardian: Bahrain executes three Shia men in first death sentences since 2010
15-Jan-2017 AFP/ Daily Mail Bahrain – Executions AFP: Bahrain executions spark violent protests
15-Jan-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Executions Reuters: Bahrain executes three Shi’ites for bombing, sparks outcry
13-Jan-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – UK relations Human rights abuses in Bahrain cast shadow over £2m UK aid support
12-Jan-2017 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – Saudi& Yemen MPs Push For An Urgent International Investigation Into Alleged War Crimes In Yemen
12-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK relations David Cameron, former PM, visits Bahrain: Is he following Tony Blair’s lead?
11-Jan-2017 RT Bahrain – UK relations Bahraini activist: “UK talks the talk on human rights but their only interest is business”
10-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Saudi& Yemen UK helped train Saudi unit accused of whitewashing Yemen war crimes
10-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK relations UK trains Bahraini troops as May puts trade before human rights
Date Publication Category Title
28-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain’s allies in EU and UK urged to speak out after activist reimprisoned
28-Dec-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab remains in prison despite court order for his release
15-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab British MPs join calls for release of Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab
15-Dec-2016 The New Arab Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain activist Nabeel Rajab’s trial postponed for fifth time
14-Dec-2016 APPG Gulf Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab MPs in cross-party call for release of Nabeel Rajab
14-Dec-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Parliamentary pressure mounts on Theresa May to call for Nabeel Rajab’s release
12-Dec-2016 Associated Press Bahrain – Shiekh Ali Salman Rights groups blast sentence against Bahrain Shiite activist
9-Dec-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – IISS Ex-Ambassador Leaves Job At Think Tank Secretly Funded By Bahrain
8-Dec-2016 The Intercept Bahrain – Spyware Phone-cracking Cellebrite software used to prosecute tortured dissident
8-Dec-2016 The Guadian Saudi – Boris Johnson Allies defend Boris Johnson after No 10 disowns Saudi remarks
7-Dec-2016 The National Saudi – Death Sentence Theresa May meets with Saudi King as 15 people in his country are sentenced to death
7-Dec-2016 Press Association/ Daily Mail Bahrain – Theresa May visit Islamic State’s ‘days are numbered’ as occupying force, says Theresa May
7-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Theresa May visit Theresa May calls on Gulf leaders to press on with economic reforms
6-Dec-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – Theresa May visit This Is Why Campaigners Want Theresa May To Raise Human Rights Concerns In Bahrain
6-Dec-2016 The Financial Times Saudi – Death Sentence Saudi Arabia sentences 15 to death on spying for Iran charges
6-Dec-2016 APPG Gulf Bahrain – Theresa May visit Open letter to the Prime Minister on her visit to the Gulf
6-Dec-2016 CommonSpace Bahrain – Theresa May visit May faces pressure on Gulf visit as rights groups demand an end to UK patronage
6-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Theresa May visit Theresa May calls for ‘red, white and blue Brexit’
6-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Mohamed Ramadan Please, Theresa May, save my husband from death in Bahrain | Zainab Ebrahim
6-Dec-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Theresa May visit May downplays Bahrain human rights fears ahead of Gulf summit
6-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Theresa May visit Theresa May urged to raise human rights concerns on Gulf visit
5-Dec-2016 IB Times UK Opinion Piece Bahrain is on a British charm offensive – Theresa May should not be sucked in
5-Dec-2016 Middle East Monitor Bahrain – Theresa May visit Rights group urges UK PM to address Bahrain human rights abuses
5-Dec-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Theresa May visit May acknowledges human rights issues in seeking Gulf trade deal
5-Dec-2016 Reuters Bahrain – Theresa May visit British PM heads to Bahrain to cement Gulf ties before Brexit
5-Dec-2016 Daily Mirror Bahrain – Theresa May visit PM Theresa May under pressure to press Bahrain over ‘human rights abuses’
4-Dec-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Death Sentence Bahrain upholds death penalties over bomb attack on police
30-Nov-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Faisal Hayyat Sports journalist jailed for three months in Bahrain over a tweet
26-Nov-2016 Velonews Bahrain – Cycling Team Nibali: ‘In Italy, no one has had the courage to bet on a WorldTour team’
25-Nov-2016 Cycling News Bahrain – Cycling Team Bahrain-Merida earns WorldTour berth for debut season
24-Nov-2016 NYTimes – AP Bahrain – Ebrahim Sharif Rights Group, Embassy Say Charges Against Bahraini Dropped
15-Nov-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Ebrahim Sharif UK and US concerned at arrest of politician after Prince Charles visit to Bahrain
15-Nov-2016 The Times Bahrain – Ebrahim Sharif Arrest after royal visit protest
13-Nov-2016 Associated Press Bahrain – Ebrahim Sharif Bahraini politician faces charges after AP interview
11-Nov-2016 CommonSpace Bahrain – UK relations Outrage as Prince Charles blesses Bahraini sectarian militia naval base
10-Nov-2016 Press Association / BT Bahrain – UK Royal Charles and Camilla buy souvenirs in Bahrain bazaar
10-Nov-2016 iNews Bahrain – UK Royal Prince Charles accused of “burying British values” as he opens naval base in troubled Bahrain
9-Nov-2016 The Independent Bahrain – UK Royal Prince Charles’s Bahrain visit ‘backs human rights abuses’, says activist and torture survivor
1-Nov-2016 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Alwadaei HRW 140 Characters: Sayed Ahmed al-Wadaei Bahrain
1-Nov-2016 Middle East Monitor Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain activist’s trial postponed
1-Nov-2016 Daily Mail – AP Bahrain – Alwadaei Activist’s family departs Bahrain after earlier travel ban
31-Oct-2016 Middle East Monitor Bahrain – Yemen conflict EXCLUSIVE: Notorious Bahraini judge appointed to investigate alleged war crimes in Yemen
31-Oct-2016 US Department Bahrain – Rajab & Alwadaei US State department, Daily briefing
30-Oct-2016 Daily Mail – Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain activist’s trial postponed to Dec. 15 – rights group
30-Oct-2016 Reuters Arabic Bahrain – Alwadaei جماعات حقوقية: البحرين تمنع زوجة ناشط وابنه من مغادرة البلاد
30-Oct-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Alwadaei Wife and baby of Bahraini rights activist on ‘travel ban’ after London protest
30-Oct-2016 Reuters Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain blocks exit of activist’s wife: rights groups
30-Oct-2016 The Sunday Times Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain ‘terrorises’ refugee’s family
29-Oct-2016 Daily Mail – ‎Press Association Bahrain – Alwadaei Dissident’s wife ‘mistreated’ in Bahrain following husband’s London protest
29-Oct-2016 Daily Mail – AP Bahrain – Alwadaei Family of activist who jumped on Bahrain king’s car targeted
29-Oct-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain prevents family of dissident from flying to London to join him
28-Oct-2016 Middle East Monitor Bahrain – King Hamad visit Protests in London as PM meets Bahraini King
26-Oct-2016 Express Bahrain – King Hamad visit Protestors hurl themselves at King of Bahrain’s car ahead of Theresa May meeting
26-Oct-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – King Hamad visit British police stop Bahraini protest against king’s visit
26-Oct-2016 The Daily Mail Bahrain – King Hamad visit Protesters hurl themselves at the King of Bahrain’s car as he is driven to meet Theresa May in Downing Street
26-Oct-2016 RT Bahrain – King Hamad visit Protest against Bahraini king’s visit to Downing Street halted by police
7-Oct-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab sentencing postponed to 31 Oct
6-Oct-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab 6 Oct: Join us to tell the UK to help free Bahraini Nabeel Rajab
30-Sep-2016 The Independent Bahrain – UK relations Saudi Arabia is the flagging horse of the Gulf – but Britain is still backing it as an answer to Brexit
29-Sep-2016 The Guardian Saudi – Yemen conflict Saudi Arabia agrees compromise on inquiry into Yemen abuses
27-Sep-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab put in isolation ahead of 6 October trial
26-Sep-2016 The Guardian Saudi – Yemen conflict UK supports call for independent UN human rights mission to Yemen
23-Sep-2016 Open Democracy Bahrain – Sport Sports diplomacy: Bahrain’s martial arts venture distracts from human rights abuses
22-Sep-2016 RT Bahrain – AlWefaq Outcry after Bahrain court rules to dissolve main opposition bloc
22-Sep-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – AlWefaq Final nail in the coffin of reform': Bahrain dissolves opposition group
21-Sep-2016 The Times Bahrain – UK Royal Prince’s trip to Bahrain angers human rights group
21-Sep-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – UK Royal Prince Charles to visit Bahrain: Here are some things he should consider
20-Sep-2016 iNews Bahrain – UK Royal Prince Charles criticised over ‘totally inappropriate’ visit to Bahrain
20-Sep-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK Royal Prince Charles to visit Bahrain amid claims of rights abuse
14-Sep-2016 Belfast Telegraph Bahrain – Attorney General Torture victim loses fight to bring Bahrain attorney general before court
14-Sep-2016 The Irish Times Bahrain – Attorney General Attempt rejected to have Bahrain AG appear before Dublin court
14-Sep-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Attorney General Ireland snubs call to arrest Bahrain’s top lawyer on torture claims
14-Sep-2016 Irish Independent Bahrain – Attorney General Torture victim loses fight to bring Bahrain attorney general before court
14-Sep-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Human rights groups urge countries to call for Nabeel Rajab’s release
9-Sep-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Boris Johnson urged to call for release of Bahraini campaigner
9-Sep-2016 Paris Match Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahreïn : Nabeel Rajab poursuivi pour une lettre ouverte
6-Sep-2016 The Atlantic Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab The Detention of a Bahraini Human-Rights Activist
6-Sep-2016 Salon Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Political prisoner hit with another Kafkaesque charge for writing NYT piece about harsh repression by US ally Bahrain
6-Sep-2016 The Times Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Jailed Bahrain activist faces new charge for writing to US paper
5-Sep-2016 Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain brings new charges against man believed to be top democracy activist
5-Sep-2016 Index On Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Prominent rights activist charged for New York Times letter
5-Sep-2016 AP: Washington Post Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain activist charged after letter in New York Times
2-Sep-2016 International Press Institute Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Coalition: Bahrain should free Nabeel Rajab immediately
1-Sep-2016 Index On Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Protesters celebrate Nabeel Rajab’s birthday and call for his release
31-Aug-2016 Index On Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab 1 Sept: Protest on Nabeel Rajab’s birthday to call for his release
15-Aug-2016 RT Saudi – Human Rights Council Kick Saudi Arabia off UN human rights council for Yemen brutality, May told
15-Aug-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Media Boris Johnson urged to question Bahrain ambassador about press freedom
13-Aug-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Policing Role of UK police in training Bahrain’s forces ‘ignores abuses’
12-Aug-2016 Paris Match Bahrain – Women Rights Bahreïn: Halte à la dérive inégalitaire
11-Aug-2016 Cycling Weekly Bahrain Merida Team Bahrain Merida team announce more signings to join Vincenzo Nibali
11-Aug-2016 Cycling Tips Bahrain Cycling Team Human rights group urges UCI to reject Bahrain-Merida team
10-Aug-2016 New York Times/AP Bahrain – Protests 12 Held for Bahrain Demonstrations Near Shiite Cleric’s Home
3-Aug-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – Torture Foreign Office Accused Of “Covering Up” Bahrain Torture Allegations
2-Aug-2016 Huffington Post UK Opinion Piece Brexit’s Effects Will Ripple Into UK’s Foreign Policy in the Gulf
1-Aug-2016 Cycling News Bahrain Cycling Team Bahrain cycling project confirms Merida as secondary sponsor
1-Aug-2016 Forbes Bahrain Cycling Team Bahrain Signs Up First Big Sponsor For Controversial Pro Cycling Team
18-Jul-2016 Paris Match Al Wefaq Bahreïn: l’association politique d’opposition Al Wefaq dissoute
18-Jul-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nazeeha Saeed Bahrain prosecutes journalist in renewed crackdown on the media
16-Jul-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Torture Bahrain torture ‘ignored’ by UK-funded monitor
12-Jul-2016 Liberation Bahrain Cycling Team La petite reine, cible d’un prince de Bahreïn
11-Jul-2016 Daily Mail / AP Ibrahim Charif Bahraini political activist released from prison
11-Jul-2016 Paris Match Al Wefaq / Ibrahim Charif Bahreïn: Ibrahim Charif libéré, mais…
8-Jul-2016 BuzzFeed News UK/Bahrain MP Criticised For Hosting Celebration Of Bahrain In Parliament After Taking Funding From The Kingdom
7-Jul-2016 Cycling Tips Bahrain Cycling Team Rights groups urge sponsors not to back Bahrain WorldTour team
7-Jul-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Crackdown EU parliament condemns Bahrain’s ‘campaign of repression’
29-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Leading Bahraini activist returned to jail as eight stripped of citizenship
29-Jun-2016 AP Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Supporters: Detained Bahrain activist leaves hospital
28-Jun-2016 Paris Match Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Le militant bahreïni écroué Nabeel Rajab hospitalisé
28-Jun-2016 Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Jailed Bahraini activist taken to hospital with heart problems: supporters
28-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Jailed Bahraini activist hospitalised as kingdom’s crackdown accelerates
28-Jun-2016 New York Times/AP Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Supporters Say Detained Bahrain Activist Taken to Hospital
28-Jun-2016 RT Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab hospitalized after 2 weeks in solitary confinement
28-Jun-2016 Index On Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab hospitalised after 15 days in solitary confinement
28-Jun-2016 The Times Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Tweets leave Bahrain activist facing 13 years’ jail
23-Jun-2016 AP Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Rally outside Shiite sheikh’s home reflects Bahrain unrest
21-Jun-2016 Time Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Violence Feared After Bahrain Strips Its Leading Shi‘ite Cleric of His Citizenship
21-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Head of UK’s armed forces in Bahrain as Shia cleric stripped of citizenship
20-Jun-2016 Monto Carlo – Arabic Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim البحرين تسحب الجنسية من الزعيم الروحي للأغلبية الشيعية في المملكة
20-Jun-2016 Annhar – Arabic Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim البحرين تُسقط الجنسية عن المرجع الأول للشيعة آية الله قاسم تجمعات عند منزله وتحذيرات من عودة المواجهات
20-Jun-2016 Swiss Info – Arabic Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim البحرين تسحب الجنسية من الزعيم الروحي للشيعة بالبلاد
20-Jun-2016 Reuters UK Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain strips top Shi’ite Muslim cleric of citizenship
20-Jun-2016 BBC World Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain revokes top Shia cleric Isa Qassim’s citizenship
20-Jun-2016 DW Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain strips senior cleric Isa Qassim of citizenship
20-Jun-2016 Aljazeera English Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain strips Sheikh Isa Qassim of nationality
20-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Thousands march in Bahrain after top Shia cleric stripped of citizenship
20-Jun-2016 The Guardian Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain strips influential Shia cleric of citizenship
20-Jun-2016 Wall Street Journal /AP Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain Strips Shiite Cleric of Citizenship
20-Jun-2016 Daily Mail /Reuters Nationality Revocation/ Isa Qasim Bahrain strips top Shi’ite Muslim cleric of citizenship- agency
17-Jun-2016 The Times Bahrain – UK Relation Leading UK ally in the Gulf bans opposition
15-Jun-2016 Sputnik News Bahrain – UK Report UK ‘Unconditional Ally’ of Bahrain Despite ‘Inhumane Human Rights Record’
15-Jun-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Navy Base/ Nabeel Rajab Bahrain paying for Royal Navy base despite human rights criticism
15-Jun-2016 Digital Journal Bahrain – Al Wefaq Largest Shia political party suspended in Bahrain
14-Jun-2016 Paris Match Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahreïn: Nabeel Rajab, une vie d’ombres et de lumière
14-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Al Wefaq Bahrain shuts down largest Shia opposition political group
14-Jun-2016 The Wall Street Journal / AP Bahrain – Al Wefaq Bahrain Suspends Main Shiite Opposition Party Amid Widening Crackdown
13-Jun-2016 Al Jazeera Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain detains prominent human rights activist
13-Jun-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain detains rights activist as UN official criticises repression
13-Jun-2016 New York Times / AP Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Leading human rights activist rearrested in Bahrain
13-Jun-2016 Daily Mail Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain detains prominent activist during raid on his home
13-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Leading human rights activist rearrested in Bahrain
13-Jun-2016 BBC Arabic Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab السلطات البحرينية “تعتقل” الناشط الحقوقي نبيل رجب
13-Jun-2016 IB Times India Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain re-arrests leading human rights activist Nabeel Rajab
13-Jun-2016 DW (Deutsch) Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Menschenrechtsaktivist Radschab in Bahrain erneut inhaftiert
13-Jun-2016 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Index condemns arrest of Nabeel Rajab
13-Jun-2016 NZZ Bahrain Cycling Team Tour de Suisse: Der umstrittene Scheich
13-Jun-2016 Human Rights Watch Bahrain/UK Torture Bahrain: Lagging Efforts to End Torture
11-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Zainab Alkhawaja EXCLUSIVE: Threats from senior Bahrain official force activist into exile
10-Jun-2016 TV2 Norway Bahrain Cycling Team Han er anklaget for å ha deltatt i tortur. Sykkelsporten må si nei til laget hans
9-Jun-2016 Cycling News Bahrain Cycling Team Activists could block 2017 Tour de France over Bahrain prince’s team
9-Jun-2016 Cycling Tips Bahrain Cycling Team Commentary: Bahrain prince’s torture allegations too big for cycling to ignore
8-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain Cycling Team Activists threaten to block Tour de France amid Bahrain torture allegations
8-Jun-2016 Bahrain Cycling Team/ Italian Website Le associazioni per i diritti umani chiedono all’UCI di non concedere la licenza al Bahrain Cycling Team
7-Jun-2016 The Guardian Bahrain Cycling Team UCI urged to halt Bahraini-bankrolled WorldTour team over rights abuses
7-Jun-2016 Cycling Weekly Bahrain Cycling Team Human rights groups appeal to UCI over Bahrain Cycling Team
7-Jun-2016 Cycling News Bahrain Cycling Team Human rights bodies voice concerns to UCI over Bahrain team
3-Jun-2016 Middle East Monitor Bahrain/UK Bahrain is perfecting the art of repression, and Britain is happy to help
1-Jun-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Torture Bahrain prince accused of torture to launch professional cycling team
31-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Zainab Alkhawaja Bahrain releases activist Zainab al-Khawaja and her son
31-May-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – Zainab Alkhawaja Bahrain Releases Activist Zainab al-Khawaja And Her Infant Son
30-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain/UK Bahrain opposition slams ‘provocative’ doubling of leader’s jail term
30-May-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain/UK Revealed: How Britain Used Conflict Resolution Cash To Water Down Human Rights Concerns Over Bahrain
26-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nationality Revoked Bahraini human rights lawyer faces arbitrary deportation: Amnesty
25-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Torture Bahrain report admits inmates beaten at notorious ‘torture’ prison
19-May-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain/UK Concerns Raised Over Authoritarian Regimes’ Links To Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration
18-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain/UK Queen’s 90th celebrations ‘generously supported’ by arms traders and Gulf royals
15-May-2016 Blick Bahrain/Switzerland Folter-Prinz von Bahrain in Genf ertappt!
13-May-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain/UK Bahraini Prince Accused Of Torture Expected To Attend Royal Windsor Horse Show
13-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain/UK Bahraini prince accused of torture flies to UK for royal horse event
12-May-2016 Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) Bahrain/Switzerland (Video) King Hamad visit to Switzeland
10-May-2016 Middle East Eye Bahrain Bahrain human rights reviewer says quotes praising reforms ‘wrong’
9-May-2016 BuzzFeed News Bahrain – Zainab Alkhawaja Bahraini Activist Makes Impassioned Plea For Democracy In A Letter From Prison
6-May-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – Zainab Alkhawaja Bahrain faces rare US pressure over jailed rights activist
28-Apr-2016 Index on Censorship Stateless Citizens Bahrain: critics and dissidents still face twin threat of statelessness and deportation
25-Apr-2016 Hum & High UK/Bahrain Camden refugee tortured as a teenager says it was his ‘duty’ to protest at DSEI arms fair
21-Apr-2016 Huffington Post UK Opinion Piece Op-Ed: President Obama’s Last Opportunity With the Gulf
15-Apr-2016 The Guardian UK/Bahrain Court dismisses charges against London arms fair protesters
15-Apr-2016 BuzzFeed News UK/Bahrain Campaigners Cleared Over Arms Fair Protest Against Sales To Authoritarian Regimes
13-Apr-2016 The Guardian UK/Bahrain Arms fair activists ‘could escalate protests if they are acquitted’
11-Apr-2016 The Guardian UK/Bahrain Activists will argue they obstructed London arms fair ‘to prevent crimes’
5-Apr-2016 AFP via Daily Mail Bahrain – Ali Abdulghani Protest follows funeral of Bahraini teenager in Shiite village
4-Apr-2016 The Times Bahrain – F1 Hamilton’s Arab outfit sparks row with human rights activists
4-Apr-2016 The Telegraph Bahrain – F1 Lewis Hamilton tweets ‘love’ for Bahrain culture – Twitter unimpressed
3-Apr-2016 The Guardian Bahrain – F1 Bahrain Institute raises concerns of human rights abuse with FIA
3-Apr-2016 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Bahrain – F1 Tränengas und Vollgas
2-Apr-2016 Morning Star Bahrain – F1 Formula One: Behind The Fast Cars: Repression
25-Mar-2016 The Independent UK/Bahrain British commandos training Bahraini armed forces to use sniper rifles
16-Mar-2016 MCD Bahrain – Lebanese Deportation من يضمن قانونية ترحيل اللبنانيين من البحرين؟
14-Mar-2016 VICE News Bahrain – Zainab Al-Khawaja Bahrain Detains Activist and Her Baby Son in Ongoing ‘Cat-and-Mouse’ Crackdown
29-Feb-2016 Middle East Monitor FIFA Shaikh Salman’s own goal cost him the top job at FIFA
29-Feb-2016 Match Factory UK/Bahrain Solidarity
26-Feb-2016 Infobae FIFA FIFA elections: Salman Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, amid allegations of torture and “unity” in football
26-Feb-2016 Terra FIFA Defensores dos direitos humanos comemoram derrota de xeque na Fifa
26-Feb-2016 Middle East Eye FIFA Infantino secures FIFA presidency, thrashing Middle East rivals
26-Feb-2016 YEN FIFA What you need to know about the FIVE men who want to succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA boss
26-Feb-2016 Pagina FIFA The White Sheik of the crimes at the top of FIFA
26-Feb-2016 The Philly Soccer Page FIFA Union conclude preseason play on Saturday against Toronto, Infantino elected FIFA prez, more
26-Feb-2016 GOAL FIFA Bahrain Institute: FIFA will be declaring ‘moral collapse’ by electing Sheikh Salman
26-Feb-2016 VG Sporten FIFA Mener FIFA begår selvmord om sjeik Salman velges
26-Feb-2016 AD FIFA Van corrupte Blatter naar omstreden sjeik als baas FIFA?
25-Feb-2016 The Telegtaph FIFA Greg Dyke: Fifa cannot have another ‘cult’ leader like Sepp Blatter
25-Feb-2016 The Guardian FIFA Fifa’s new dawn already under a cloud as unease over Sheikh Salman grows
24-Feb-2016 Sudden Zeitung FIFA Scheich Salman: Ein Autokrat soll bei der Fifa aufräumen
24-Feb-2016 DW FIFA FIFA: Die Weichen richtig stellen
24-Feb-2016 CNN FIFA FIFA election: ‘I’ve got nothing to hide,’ says Sheikh Salman
24-Feb-2016 Herald Sun FIFA Hakeem al-Araibi’s jail claim hits FIFA vote
24-Feb-2016 The New York Times FIFA Shadow of Human Rights Abuse Follows Contender in FIFA Vote
24-Feb-2016 Al Jazeera Bahrain – Fifth Anniversary Was Bahrain’s uprising worth it?
23-Feb-2016 Sport TV 2 FIFA FIFAs præsidentvalg: Det svarer til at lade Hells Angels vaske sine penge
22-Feb-2016 Fox News Lation FIFA The Other Football: On display this week, presidential politics, FIFA-style
22-Feb-2016 ARD Mediathik FIFA – Video Die Story im Ersten: Die Fußball-Mafia – Blatters vergiftetes Erbe
22-Feb-2016 NOS FIFA Mensenrechten, de achilleshiel van sjeik Salman
21-Feb-2016 WDR FIFA – Video Schlechter Leumund
21-Feb-2016 The Sunday Times FIFA Favourite for top Fifa job in torture row
20-Feb-2016 The Sun FIFA Sheikh set to replace Sepp Blatter as Fifa president ‘ordered athletes’ torture’
20-Feb-2016 Yahoo Sport FIFA – Video Electing Sheikh Salman would be ‘suicidal’ – activist
19-Feb-2016 Reuters FIFA Factbox – FIFA presidential candidate Sheikh Salman of Bahrain
14-Feb-2016 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain Clashes and protests mark fifth anniversary of Bahrain’s uprising
13-Feb-2016 The Independent UK/Bahrain British arms sales to Bahrain total £45m since Arab Spring – while claims of torture and oppression continue
12-Feb-2016 Press Association via SBS FIFA Prince Ali accuses Sheikh Salman of not protecting players
12-Feb-2016 BT Sport FIFA Bahrain group bids to block Sheikh Salman landing FIFA presidency
11-Feb-2016 Middle East Eye FIFA Bahrain rights group files complaint over Sheikh Salman FIFA bid
10-Feb-2016 RT UK UK/Bahrain ‘Sham reforms’: UK-funded watchdog in Bahrain fails to investigate torture allegations
9-Feb-2016 Radio Popolare FIFA Se vince Salman la Fifa è finita
9-Feb-2016 The Guardian UK/Bahrain Bahrain’s UK-funded police watchdog fails to investigate torture claims
5-Feb-2016 Bahrain Mirror Death Penalty سيد أحمد الوداعي حول قرار البرلمان الأوروبي: لهذه الأسباب هو مهم
5-Feb-2016 The Guardian FIFA Fifa sponsors want human rights at heart of reform process
5-Feb-2016 BT Sport FIFA Sheikh Salman closes in on FIFA presidency as CAF pledges backing
5-Feb-2016 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) FIFA Fifa-Sponsor teilt Kritik an Scheich Salman
4-Feb-2016 Middle East Eye Death Penalty The European Parliament condemns the use of torture and the death penalty in Bahrain
3-Feb-2016 Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) FIFA – Video Video Interview on Shiekh Salman Fifa Candidacy
3-Feb-2016 Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) FIFA Scheich Salman und die Foltervorwürfe
3-Feb-2016 Tribune degeneve FIFA Salman, un cheikh pas tout blanc dans la course à la FIFA
2-Feb-2016 The Independent Opinion Piece Op-Ed: Saudi Arabia is setting a dangerous precedent to the Government of Bahrian
29-Jan-2016 Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) FIFA Vom Regen in die Traufe
29-Jan-2016 THE 42 FIFA Missing Sepp Blatter? Don’t worry, the man ready to succeed him as Fifa boss is a great guy
29-Jan-2016 La Diaria FIFA Interview with @ladiaria on Fifa candidate Sheikh Salman
29-Jan-2016 Fox Sport FIFA FIFA elections: Simon Hill explains his concerns that the governing body will not change its habits
26-Jan-2016 L’EQUIPE FIFA FIFA : Le cheikh Salman, la promesse du désert
23-Jan-2016 The Irish Times FIFA Uefa to introduce goal-line technology at Euro 2016
23-Jan-2016 The Times FIFA Sheikh Salman not fit to reform Fifa
22-Jan-2016 The Guardian FIFA Bahrain campaigners warn Fifa sponsors of concerns over Sheikh Salman
22-Jan-2016 Press Association FIFA Sheikh Salman says “closet is clear” despite human rights campaign group claim
22-Jan-2016 The Drum FIFA Fifa sponsors warned by Bahrain campaigners of Sheikh Salman concerns
22-Jan-2016 Andreas Selliaas FIFA Menneskerettighetsorganisasjon presser FIFA-sponsorer om presidentkandidat
22-Jan-2016 Dagens nyheter FIFA Fifas sponsorer uppmanas att säga nej till shejken
21-Jan-2016 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) FIFA Menschenrechtler warnen Sponsoren vor Fifa-Kandidaten
21-Jan-2016 Kicker FIFA Salman: Favorit mit Fragezeichen
21-Jan-2016 L’EQUIPE FIFA Les opposants au cheikh Salman font pression sur les sponsors de la FIFA
21-Jan-2016 France Football FIFA La candidature de Cheikh Salman menacée?
11-Jan-2016 Huffington Post UK UK/Bahrain Op-Ed: Britain’s Deal With the Devil: How Money Trumped Values in Saudi Arabia
2-Jan-2016 The Independent Nimr Al-nimr Saudi Arabia executions threaten to plunge Middle East into greater turmoil
2-Jan-2016 Gawker Nimr Al-nimr Saudi Arabia Sparks International Protests With Execution of Nonviolent Activist
2-Jan-2016 The Guardian Nimr Al-nimr Execution of Shia cleric sparks international outrage – as it happened
Date Publication Category Title
22-Dec-2015 International Business Times FIFA Sheikh Salman: Bahrain royal accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ favourite to replace Fifa’s Sepp Blatter
21-Dec-2015 Gazeta Esportiva FIFA Candidato à Fifa, xeque do Bahrein é denunciado por abusos contra atletas
8-Dec-2015 Huffington Post UK Opinion Piece Op-Ed: Bahrain: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem
25-Nov-2015 New York Times Opinion Piece Op-Ed: The Islamic State’s Bahraini Backers
25-Nov-2015 Middle East Eye Nationality Revoked Award-winning photographer’s nationality revoked in Bahrain, sparking NGO outcry
25-Nov-2015 Index on Censorship Nationality Revoked NGOs condemn imprisonment and nationality revocation of photographer
22-Nov-2015 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Human Rights Report “The Blood of People Who Don’t Cooperate” Continuing Torture and Mistreatment of Detainees in Bahrain (report)
22-Nov-2015 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Human Rights Video Bahrain: Detainees Tortured, Abused (video)
13-Nov-2015 The Telegraph FIFA Sheikh Salman has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing
13-Nov-2015 Washington Post FIFA FIFA backs decision to allow controversial Asian Football Confederation chief to run to replace Sepp Blatter
13-Nov-2015 Huffington Post FIFA Bahraini Players’ Support for Salman Raises More Questions Than Answers
12-Nov-2015 International Business Times FIFA Fifa presidential candidate accused of crimes against humanity
12-Nov-2015 The Times FIFA Failed integrity check ends Bility’s Fifa presidency bid
12-Nov-2015 New York Times FIFA FIFA Ethics Review Clears 5 Candidates to Succeed Sepp Blatter
12-Nov-2015 SKY Sports FIFA BIRD and ADHRB submitted evidence to the FIFA Ethics Committee
12-Nov-2015 The Guardian FIFA Sheikh Salman cleared to stand in five-man race to be Fifa president
9-Nov-2015 Lemonde FIFA Candidat à la FIFA, le cheikh Salman mis en cause pour son rôle dans la répression au Bahreïn En savoir plus sur
7-Nov-2015 Middle East Eye Sh. Ali Salman Case US calls for charges against Bahraini opposition leader to be dropped
6-Nov-2015 The Independent UK/Bahrain Bahraini dissident faces deportation from the UK despite torture fears
4-Nov-2015 JusticeInfo Net Bahrain – Torture Case Switzerland Examines Torture Case Against Bahrain Attorney General
3-Nov-2015 The Guardian FIFA Campaigners call on Fifa to throw out Sheikh Salman’s bid for presidency
3-Nov-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain UK to deport seriously ill Bahrain activist who claims he will be tortured
3-Nov-2015 ITV FIFA Bahraini footballer speaks to ITV News as Sheikh Salman denies allegations of torture
2-Nov-2015 Huffington Post FIFA AFC President’s FIFA Presidential Bid Mired in Abuse of Human Rights Allegations
1-Nov-2015 The Independent UK/Bahrain Royal Navy base construction begins in Bahrain as Britain seeks a return to ‘East of Suez’
29-Oct-2015 Fortune FIFA FIFA’s choice: Seven dwarves—and nary a Snow White in sight
29-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA Bahrain FA vowed to take action against demonstrators in 2011, document shows
28-Oct-2015 CNN FIFA FIFA presidential election: Who is standing in February 2016?
27-Oct-2015 WSJ FIFA FIFA Candidates Vie to Clean Up World Soccer
27-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA Sheikh Salman ‘headed committee targeting athletes in Bahrain protests’
27-Oct-2015 International Business Times FIFA Fifa presidential candidate: Bahrain Sheikh Salman rails against human rights abuse accusations
27-Oct-2015 SportsPro FIFA Fifa presidential race: who’s standing to replace Sepp Blatter?
27-Oct-2015 BBC FIFA Fifa candidate Sheikh Salman: Torture claims are ‘nasty lies’
27-Oct-2015 ESPN FIFA FIFA candidate Sheikh Salman: Allegations are ‘nasty lies’
26-Oct-2015 AP FIFA Platini’s right-hand man helps make it 8-man entry for FIFA presidential race on deadline day
26-Oct-2015 AP FIFA FIFA Presidential Candidate Slammed By Human Rights Critics
26-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA Sheikh Salman formally submits candidature for Fifa presidency
26-Oct-2015 Irish Times FIFA Sheikh Salman becomes sixth candidate for Fifa presidency
26-Oct-2015 Daily Mail FIFA UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino and Sheik Salman enter race to succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA president
26-Oct-2015 NY Times FIFA Rights Groups Deplore Bahrain Royal’s Entry in Race to Lead FIFA
23-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA ITUC: Sheikh Salman’s bid for Fifa presidency is ‘not credible’
23-Oct-2015 BBC FIFA Human rights group threaten ‘lawsuit after lawsuit’ if Sheikh Salman is allowed to stand for FIFA Presidency
23-Oct-2015 ITUC FIFA FIFA: Deep Concern Over Possible Candidacy of Bahrain’s Shaik Salman
23-Oct-2015 Telegraph FIFA Sepp Blatter’s former right hand man to stand for Fifa presidency
23-Oct-2015 AP FIFA ITUC: Sheikh Salman’s bid for Fifa presidency is ‘not credible’
23-Oct-2015 BBC FIFA International workers union has “deep concern” over possible Salman FIFA Presidential bid
20-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA Human rights group wants Sheikh Salman barred from Fifa presidency bid
17-Oct-2015 i24news/AFP FIFA Human rights organizations furious over FIFA bid from Bahraini royal
16-Oct-2015 The Guardian FIFA Fifa chief Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa is linked to Bahrain crackdown
7-Oct-2015 The Independent UK/Bahrain Ebrahim Sharif: Wife of activist facing trial in Bahrain wants Britain to help free him
2-Oct-2015 International Business Times Opinion Piece OpEd: Bahrain: Economy in tatters as rulers spend island nation’s coffers crushing dissent
29-Sep-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain Bahrain expat group seeks Israeli help to improve kingdom’s image
25-Sep-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain British trade unions call for independent audit of UK aid to Bahrain
16-Sep-2015 International Business Times Opinion Piece OpEd: Momentum is building against Bahrain’s rulers as 33 states ‘express concern’ over human rights
15-Sep-2015 AFP Bahrain – Torture Case شكوى في سويسرا ضد النائب العام في البحرين
14-Sep-2015 Middle East Monitor Bahrain Help the people as well as the government, plead Bahraini activists as human rights abuses continue
27-Aug-2015 RT Bahrain – Dr Al-singace Case TV Report on Dr AlSingace unjust imprisonment and 160 of hunger-strike
14-Aug-2015 Aljazeera America Opinion Piece OpEd: Senators offer reality check on Bahrain
14-Aug-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain OpEd: UK risks British businesses by backing Bahrain
7-Aug-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Al-wasat Case Authorities in Bahrain shut down the country’s only independent newspaper
4-Aug-2015 International Business Times UK/Bahrain Bahraini teenager granted UK asylum after Home Office deportation threats
30-Jul-2015 Index on Censorship UK/Bahrain Rights groups denounce Bahrain’s ongoing detention of academic
22-Jul-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain UK reveals details of its support for the Saudi campaign in Yemen
14-Jul-2015 VICE News Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahraini Activist Nabeel Rajab Has Been Freed — For Now
9-Jul-2015 RT Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case EU Parliament calls for tear gas ban for Bahrain, release of Nabeel Rajab
12-Jul-2015 Bahrain Mirror Opinion Piece فقدان النفوذ في البحرين
7-Jul-2015 New York Times Opinion Piece OpEd: Losing Leverage on Bahrain
7-Jul-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Dr Al-singace Case Bahrain: Free Dr Abduljalil Al-Singace
19-Jun-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain New UK-Bahrain naval base takes colonial-era name
16-Jun-2015 The Guardian UK/Bahrain UK adds to condemnation of Bahrain over jailing of Shia opposition leader
16-Jun-2015 The Independent UK/Bahrain Sheikh Ali Salman: Bahrain opposition leader jailed for four years day after UK minister ‘opens’ Royal Navy base in the kingdom
16-Jun-2015 VICE News Bahrain It Couldn’t Be Clearer That They Don’t Care': Bahrain’s Opposition Leader Gets Four Year Jail Term
12-Jun-2015 BBC News Nationality Revoked Bahrain convicts 57 over ‘bombing plot’
11-Jun-2015 AP Nationality Revoked Bahrain Court Strips 56 Shiites of Nationality for Terrorism
11-Jun-2015 Middle East Eye Nationality Revoked 56 Bahrainis stripped of citizenship in terrorism case
30-May-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain Protests Uprising strong, economy dire in Bahrain, say activists
20-May-2015 Bahrain Mirror UK/Bahrain السيد أحمد الوداعي في حوار بعد فوز “المحافظين”: استراتيجيّة جديدة للتأثير على سياسة بريطانيا تجاه البحرين
19-May-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain OpEd: Does the UK have a red-line when it comes to Bahrain’s rights abuses?
18-May-2015 The Huffington Post UK/Bahrain Open Letter to the Queen – Don’t Receive King Hamed at Royal Windsor Horse Show
14-May-2015 VICE News UK/Bahrain Bahrain’s King Heads to UK Horse Show, While Human Rights Activist Heads Back to Prison For a Tweet
11-May-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain: End imprisonment of democracy campaigner Nabeel Rajab
6-May-2015 The Huffington Post UK/Bahrain OpEd: Four Years of UK Rights Assistance to Bahrain for What Result? Only More Torture
2-May-2015 The Independent UK/Bahrain Dissidents’ fury at Hammond’s ‘secret’ Bahrain visit
26-Apr-2015 JURIST Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain extends detention of activist Nabeel Rajab
20-Apr-2015 VICE News Bahrain F1 Protests Bahrain’s Formula 1 Protests
17-Apr-2015 International Business Times Opinion Piece OpEd: Bahrain Grand Prix: War in Yemen will have major repercussions in Arab Gulf and beyond
17-Apr-2015 The Guardian Bahrain – F1 Formula One reverses human rights stance in runup to Bahrain Grand Prix
17-Apr-2015 International Business Times Bahrain – Jaw case Bahrain: Dissidents in Jaw Prison ‘subjected to mass torture’ in nightmarish building No. 10
15-Apr-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain – F1 Formula One back in Bahrain amid heightened rights concerns
15-Apr-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case End reprisals against leading human rights defender Nabeel Rajab
10-Apr-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case United States call on Bahrain to ‘immediately release’ leading rights activist
3-Apr-2015 New York Times Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain Arrests Rights Activist Over Tweets About Torture
3-Apr-2015 Middle East Eye UK/Bahrain UK refuses to comment on arrest of Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab
2-Apr-2015 VICE News Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain Arrests Human Rights Champion Nabeel Rajab for ‘Harming Civil Peace’
2-Apr-2015 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Leading Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab arrested for highlighting prison abuse
18-Mar-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain: Jailed human rights activist on hunger strike
16-Mar-2015 The Huffington Post UK/Bahrain OpEd: Sweden has Set the Bar on How to Deal with Countries Human Rights Abusers, and Britain Should Follow Suit
15-Mar-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahrain: Rights defender’s appeal hearing postponed again
13-Mar-2015 MintPress UK/Bahrain America’s Jekyll And Hyde Foreign Policy In The Middle East
20-Feb-2015 Bahrain Mirror Nationality Revoked لوموند: الناشط البحريني سيد أحمد الوداعي: محكوم بالعيش من دون جنسية
18-Feb-2015 Wall Street Journal Bahrain Protests In Bahrain, Arab Spring Hopes Are Freezing Over
15-Feb-2015 BBC Arabic UK/Bahrain London Activists commemorating fourth protests anniversary
15-Feb-2015 The Times Bahrain Protests Violence erupts in Bahrain during anti-government protests
14-Feb-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain Protests Bahrain marks fourth anniversary of uprisings with tear gas and birdshot
11-Feb-2015 Bahrain Alyoum UK/Bahrain الفنانة “جين فرير” تلغي رحلة عمل للبحرين بعد قراءتها لمقالة في صحيفة الغارديان
10-Feb-2015 Sputnik UK/Bahrain Stateless Bahrainis in Britain Speak Out
9-Feb-2015 The Guardian Opinion Piece OpEd: We are human rights defenders, but Bahrain says we’re terrorists
8-Feb-2015 Christian Science Monitor Bahrain – Arab Television How Arab world’s newest cable news source made a splash, only to dry up
4-Feb-2015 Le Monde Bahrain Protests Le militant bahreïni Sayed Al-Wadaei condamné à une vie d’apatride
3-Feb-2015 VICE News UK/Bahrain We Spoke With Two Men the Bahraini Government Just Labeled Terrorists
3-Feb-2015 Index on Censorship Nationality Revoked Bahrain revokes citizenship of 72 critical voices
2-Feb-2015 BBC Arabic Nationality Revoked العالم هذا المساء، سحب الجنسيات من مواطنين
31-Jan-2015 The Independent Nationality Revoked Exiled Bahrain activist who protested at Windsor Horse Show among 72 to have citizenship revoked
21-Jan-2015 VICE News Bahrain – Video Video Appears to Show Bahraini Security Forces Shooting Opposition Activist in the Face
21-Jan-2015 The Verge Bahrain A Spy in the Machine
20-Jan-2015 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahraini activist sentenced to six months in prison for ‘offensive tweet’
20-Jan-2015 The Huffington Post Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Nabeel Rajab, Bahraini Human Rights Activist, Jailed For Tweet
19-Jan-2015 The Huffington Post Opinion Piece OpEd: Je Suis Hypocrite': Bahrain Suppresses Free Expression, Allows Isis Supporters Freedom
18-Jan-2015 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahraini human rights leader defiant ahead of sentencing
15-Jan-2015 The Guardian UK/Bahrain Saudi Arabia and Bahrain: UK arms sales trump human rights
15-Jan-2015 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Tell Bahrain to drop charges against activist over tweet, demand human rights organisations
Date Publication Category Title
24-Dec-2014 The Huffington Post UK/Bahrain OpEd: Bite the Bullet: Why Britain Should Condemn Bahrain
19-Dec-2014 Middle East Eye Bahrain Bahrain opposition urge Pope to stop church construction on ‘stolen’ land
9-Dec-2014 BBC Arabic UK/Bahrain القاعدة البريطانية في البحرين
8-Dec-2014 International Business Times UK/Bahrain Bahrain naval base ‘reward’ for British silence on human rights
16-Nov-2014 Yahoo Arrests in Bahrain Bahrain arrests activists demanding ‘anti-regime’ vote
11-Nov-2014 VICE News Bahrain – Video Bahrain: An Inconvenient Uprising
20-Oct-2014 Huffington Post BNabeel Rajab case OpEd:Is Bahrain a Model of an Ally?
15-Oct-2014 Index on Censorship UK/Bahrain Bahrain: Maryam Al-Khawaja urges UK to speak out on human rights violations
8-Oct-2014 AFP/ Yahoo UK/Bahrain Bahrain rejects claims implicating prince over torture
7-Oct-2014 AFP/ Yahoo UK/Bahrain UK court lifts torture claim immunity for Bahraini prince
2-Oct-2014 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Case Bahraini activist arrested over tweets about Isis
2-Oct-2014 Index on Censorship UK/Bahrain Index calls on UK to speak out against Bahraini human rights abuses after Rajab arrest
18-Sep-2014 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Maryam al-Khawaja Case Rights groups ‘cautiously optimistic’ after Bahrain release rights activist
1-Sep-2014 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Maryam al-Khawaja Case Bahraini Human Rights activist charged with ‘assaulting a police officer
1-Sep-2014 The Guardian Bahrain – Ahmed Humeidan Case Press freedom groups urge Bahrain king to release photojournalist
19-Sep-2014 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Maryam al-Khawaja Case Bahrain: Maryam Alkhawaja released
16-Sep-2014 Middle East Eye Bahrain Protests Bahrainis allege a plot to change country’s sectarian balance
5-Sep-2014 Irish Medical Times Bahrain Protests Bahraini groups speak out ahead of IMC visit
5-Sep-2014 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Maryam al-Khawaja Case EU parliamentarians call for release of prominent Bahraini activist
31-Aug-2014 L’Info Torture in Bahrain Un prince Barheïn accusé de torture en France
28-Aug-2014 Paris Match Torture in Bahrain Un Prince de Bahreini Malvenu en France
25-Aug-2014 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Human Rights Report Bahrain: Joint Letter to King Hamad of Bahrain Regarding Torture Victims
7-Aug-2014 Middle East Eye Nationality Revoked Bahrain strips nine nationals of citizenship for alleged Iran ties
27-May-2014 Middle East Monitor UK/Bahrain Bahraini activists speak out about ‘systematic persecution’ by British government
23-May-2014 VICE News UK/Bahrain Britain Might Deport a Bahraini Dissident to a Country that Hates Him
12-Apr-2014 RT Bahrain – F1 Sputnik Episode 022
3-Apr-2014 Buzzfeed Bahrain – F1 Bahraini Activists Link Formula One Race And Human Rights Crackdowns

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