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Date Publication Title
24-Jan-2019 The Guardian Hakeem Alaraibi Fifa urges Thailand to release Bahraini footballer Hakeem al-Araibi
18-Jan-2019 The Irish Times Sayed’s Family and Hakeem Al Araibi Concern over rights abuses in Bahrain
12-Jan-2019 RFI English Nabeel Rajab Despite crackdown Bahrain’s activists persist
11-Jan-2019 The Guardian Sayed’s Family Bahrain detained activist’s family over UK protest, UN rules
11-Jan-2019 The Times Sayed’s Family UN rebukes Bahrain over jailing of activist’s family
10-Jan-2019 Al Jazeera Sayed’s Family UN watchdog slams detention of Bahraini activist’s family
10-Jan-2019 Associated Press Sayed’s Family UN group says Bahrain arbitrarily detained activist’s family
9-Jan-2019 Reuters Sayed’s Family U.N. watchdog seeks release of three relatives of Bahraini activist
9-Jan-2019 Devdiscourse Sayed’s Family UN rights group calls immediate release of activist kin held in Bahrain
Date Publication Category Title
31-Dec-2018 Dawn/AFP Nabeel Rajab Bahrain top activist loses final appeal against jail term
31-Dec-2018 Ifex Nabeel Rajab IFEX condemns Bahrain’s decision to uphold Nabeel Rajab’s 5-year prison sentence
31-Dec-2018 Journal du Cameroun/AFP Nabeel Rajab Gulf, Egypt jail activists amid social media crackdown

31-Dec-2018 The Washington Post Nabeel Rajab UAE and Bahrain uphold stiff prison sentences for human rights activists
31-Dec-2018 The News Tribune Nabeel Rajab Bahrain court upholds conviction against prominent activist
31-Dec-2018 The Straits Times / AFP Nabeel Rajab Bahrain’s top activist loses final appeal against jail term
31-Dec-2018 France24/AFP Nabeel Rajab Bahrain court upholds five-year jail term for prominent activist Nabeel Rajab
31-Dec-2018 Reuters Nabeel Rajab Bahrain top court upholds sentence against activist Rajab -lawyer
31-Dec-2018 Al-Jazeera Nabeel Rajab Bahrain’s Nabeel Rajab loses final appeal in ‘insult’ case
15-Dec-2018 The Guardian Hakeem AlAraibi UN urged to seek Australia-based Hakeem al-Araibi’s freedom from Thai jail
12-Dec-2018 NPR Hakeem AlAraibi Former Bahraini Pro Awaits His Fate in Thai Prison
6-Dec-2018 The Guardian Hakeem AlAraibi Bahrain requested arrest of refugee ‘before he arrived in Thailand’
4-Dec-2018 The Guardian Royal Windsor Horse Show Royal Windsor Horse Show condemned for Bahraini sponsorship
4-Dec-2018 DailyMail/Associated Press Hakeem AlAraibi Australian refugee soccer player is arrested in Thailand over outstanding vandalism charges – and now faces ten years behind bars in his home country
3-Dec-2018 The Guardian Hakeem AlAraibi Australian refugee football player’s future in balance despite lifting of Interpol red notice
30-Nov-2018 Reuters Hakeem AlAraibi Activists seek release of refugee Bahraini footballer held in Thailand
30-Nov-2018 DailyMail/Associated Press Hakeem AlAraibi Australia raises detained refugee case with Thai officials
29-Nov-2018 The Nation/AFP Hakeem AlAraibi Refugee footballer from Bahrain held at Bangkok airport
29-Nov-2018 The Guardian Hakeem AlAraibi Australian refugee football player faces deportation after arrest in Thailand
29-Nov-2018 The Australian Hakeem AlAraibi Refugee football player held in Thailand
29-Nov-2018 The Seattle Times/ Associated Press Refugee Refoulement Refugee soccer player sought by Bahrain detained in Thailand
22-Nov-2018 The Washington Post Opinion Piece After Khashoggi’s murder, it’s time for the world to stop ignoring Bahrain’s abuses
21-Nov-2018 Mondaq Najah Yusuf and F1 Canada: Business And Human Rights – UK NCP (Partially) Accepts Complaint In Relation To The Royal Windsor Horse Show
15-Nov-2018 The Lawyer Royal Windsor Horse Show UK NCP issues initial assessment of a complaint related to Royal Windsor Horse Show
15-Nov-2018 GP Fans Najah Yusuf and F1 F1 ‘concerned’ by alleged treatment of Bahrain GP protester
14-Nov-2018 Middle East Eye AlAsheeri Bahrain detains man for tweeting about boycotting upcoming elections
14-Nov-2018 The Guardian Najah Yusuf and F1 F1 finally admits concern over woman jailed for Bahrain Grand Prix protests
13-Nov-2018 EuroNews AlAsheeri Bahraini national arrested for tweeting about election boycott
13-Nov-2018 DailyMail/AFP AlAsheeri Bahraini charged over tweet on upcoming elections
13-Nov-2018 StarTribune/Associated Press AlAsheeri Bahrain arrests man for tweets critical of upcoming election
12-Nov-2018 Daily Mail/AFP Death Sentence Bahrain sentences four to death for killing policeman
9-Nov-2018 The Guardian Elections Bahrain election condemned after opposition ban
6-Nov-2018 Voa News Citizenship Revocation Activists: Bahrain Continues to Revoke Citizenship of Dissidents
5-Nov-2018 Dawn/AFP Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain’s opposition chief gets life in jail over Qatar spy case
4-Nov-2018 Deutsche Welle Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain opposition leader gets life sentence in Qatar spy case
4-Nov-2018 Business Day Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain opposition chief gets life in jail over Qatar spy case
4-Nov-2018 Financial Times Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain opposition leader sentenced to life in prison
27-Oct-2018 Financial Times Khashoggi Case Khashoggi killing spreads fear among Arab dissidents
25-Oct-2018 Metro Mohammed Ramadhan and Husain Moosa Death Row Inmates get Last-Minute Reprieve ‘Because of Prison Torture Linked to UK’
18-Oct-2018 Ifex Letter to UN High Commissioner Conditions in Isa Town prison for women highlighted in NGO letter to UN High Commissioner
11-Oct-2018 Mirror Khashoggi Case Campaigners slam Natural History Museum for hosting Saudi Arabian regime for reception
11-Oct-2018 Museum Journals Khashoggi Case Natural History Museum Defends Position on Saudi Embassy Event
11-Oct-2018 Washington Post Khashoggi Case Turkey agrees to Saudi request to jointly investigate Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance
11-Oct-2018 The Guardian Khashoggi Case Natural History Museum defends hosting Saudi embassy event
4-Oct-2018 Financial Times Elections Shia Majority Complains of Exclusion from Political Process (In Print)
3-Oct-2018 Pen Transmissions Formula One
28-Sept-2018 Daily Mail Sayed’s family
28-Sept-2018 The Times Sayed’s family Bahrain ‘tortured woman’ to avenge human rights leaks
20-Sep-2018 Ifex Saudi Arabia and Free Expression Saudi Arabia must implement UPR recommendations protecting free expression
10-Sep-2018 PoliticsHome UK’s complicity Andy Slaughter: The UK’s reputation as a defender of human rights is under scrutiny. Parliament deserves answers
6-Sep-2018 Ifex Targeting Activists’ Relatives Activists’ relatives targeted, Bahrain advocacy, Israel arrests Palestinian journalists
30-Aug-2018 Middle East Eye Ali Mushaima Bahraini activist is in hospital after month-long hunger strike
29-Aug-2018 Ifex Nabeel Rajab Call for end to Nabeel Rajab’s “arbitrary and discriminatory detention”
8-Aug-2018 Yahoo News Ali Mushaima Protest Police Respond as Activists Project Protest Images on Bahraini Embassy in London
28-Jul-2018 BuzzFeed News Revocation of Citizenship The Baby Was Born Stateless Because of “Avoidable” Home Office Delays
27-Ju-2018 Vice News UK Police Training of Bahraini Police Police in Dictatorships Are Still Getting British Training
27-Ju-2018 Human Rights Watch Revocation of Citizenship Bahrain: Hundreds Stripped of Ciizenship
9-Jul-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Sheikh Isa Qassim Bahrain’s top Shi’ite cleric allowed to seek treatment abroad
9-Jul-2018 BBC Arabic Bahrain – Sheikh Isa Qassim البحرين تسمح لرجل الدين الشيعي عيسى قاسم بالسفر إلى لندن للعلاج من فتق
4-Jul-2018 Vice UK Bahrain – UK UK Spooks Involved in Controversial Police Training Scheme for Dictatorship
3-Jul-2018 Brookings Institute GCC Human Rights GCC News Roundup: Saudi Arabia’s driving ban ends, Yemen’s warring parties agree to resume negotiations (June 1 – June 30)
21-Jun-2018 Reuters Arabic Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman محكمة بحرينية تبرئ زعماء بالمعارضة من تهمة التجسس
21-Jun-2018 INDEX Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain court acquits leading opposition leader
21-Jun-2018 AFP Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain opposition head acquitted in Qatar spy case
21-Jun-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain court acquits opposition leaders in spying case
21-Jun-2018 Associated Press Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Imprisoned Bahrain opposition leader acquitted in spy case
19-Jun-2018 Associated Press Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain’s opposition slams case against leading figure
31-May-2018 IFEX UAE – Ahmed Mansoor NGOs to Mayor Andy Burnham: Join our call to free Ahmed Mansoor
31-May-2018 Brookings Institute GCC Human Rights GCC News Roundup: Bahrain’s FM doesn’t see end to GCC crisis, Saudi Arabia arrests women’s rights activists (May 1 – May 31)
24-May-2018 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – US US: Reject Planned Arms Sales to Bahrain
22-May-2018 The Intercept Bahrain – US Donald Trump’s Words Are a Green Light to Dictators and Torturers Around the World
21-May-2018 Associated Press Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation Bahrain strips 9 of citizenship amid wide crackdown
17-May-2018 The Guardian Bahrain – UK British government accused of funding human rights abuses in Bahrain
15-May-2018 Aljazeera Arabic Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation بجرة قلم.. مئات البحرينيين “إرهابيون” وبلا جنسية
15-May-2018 Reuters Arabic Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation محكمة في البحرين تسقط الجنسية عن 115 شخصا في اتهامات بالإرهاب
15-May-2018 AFP Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation Bahrain strips 115 of nationality over ‘terrorism’
15-May-2018 Associated Press Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation Bahrain revokes citizenship of 115 people in mass trial
15-May-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Citizenship Revocation Bahrain court revokes citizenship of 115 people on terrorism charges
2-May-2018 Private Eye Bahrain – UK Gulf lessons
2-May-2018 The Canary Bahrain – RWHS Pressure mounts to stop the Queen cosying up with human rights abusers
30-Apr-2018 Middle East Eye Bahrain – RWHS Land Rover and Rolex caught in Bahrain rights row over Windsor horse show
30-Apr-2018 Toronto Star Canada – Arms Sales Canada’s dual role in Yemen: Arms exports to Saudi coalition dwarf aid sent to war-torn country
29-Apr-2018 Sunday Telegraph Bahrain – RWHS JLR caught in horse show’s human rights row
25-Apr-2018 Reprieve Bahrain – Death Penalty Bahraini Court Upholds Military Tribunal Death Sentences
11-Apr-2018 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Death Penalty Middle East tops death penalty list with ‘gruesome tally’ of executions
6-Apr-2018 Vice UK Bahrain – Najah Ahmed Yousif Britain Trained a Bahraini Police Chief Who Presided Over Abuse of Political Dissidents
5-Apr-2018 IFEX Bahrain – Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja NGOs call for release of human rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja on 7th anniversary of his arrest
4-Apr-2018 Aljazeera Bahrain – Civil Society Danish MP and Irish activist denied entry to Bahrain
30-Mar-2018 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Civil Society Bahrain: Official Threatens Online Crackdown
27-Mar-2018 New Internationalist Bahrain – UK Revealed: Princess Diana visit linked to Bahrain crackdown
25-Mar-2018 Aljazeera Bahrain – Civil Society Bahrain threatens to target critical social media users
25-Mar-2018 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Civil Society Bahrain pledges tough crackdown on seditious social media accounts
24-Mar-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Alwadaei Exiled rights activist accuses Bahrain of persecuting kin
22-Mar-2018 The Guardian Bahrain – Op-ed My wife has been sentenced to jail in Bahrain. She lives in the UK
27-Feb-2018 Middle East Eye Saudi – UK (MBS) Saudi crown prince to face protests on 7 March visit to Britain
21-Feb-2018 Financial Times Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain jails human rights activist over critical tweets
21-Feb-2018 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab US ‘seriously concerned’ over jailing of Bahraini activist
21-Feb-2018 Le Figaro (AFP) Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahreïn: l’opposant Nabil Rajab condamné à 5 ans de prison pour des tweets
21-Feb-2018 Le Monde Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab L’opposant bahreïni Nabil Rajab condamné à cinq ans de prison
21-Feb-2018 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain rights activist sentenced to five years for tweets
21-Feb-2018 Reuters Bahrain- Nabeel Rajab Bahrain rights activist jailed for five years for ‘insulting’ tweets
7-Feb-2018 International Business Times Saudi – UK (MBS) Protests planned as Saudi crown prince invited to visit UK on International Women’s Day
2-Feb-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahraini exile campaigns against crackdown in Gulf island state
31-Jan-2018 Al-Jazeera Bahrain – Death Sentences Two sentenced to death in Bahrain’s mass trial
18-Jan-2018 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – HRD Bahrain: Government Stifles Dissent
16-Jan-2018 Al-Jazeera Saudi – UK (MBS) Rights groups to UK: Cancel Mohammed bin Salman’s visit
16-Jan-2018 Al-Jazeera Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain ruling on Nabeel Rajab jail term condemned
15-Jan-2018 Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain court upholds jail sentence against rights activist Rajab
Date Publication Category Title
23-Dec-2017 Middle East Eye Gulf – UK Gulf leaders buy caviar, Rolexes and other gifts for UK ministers
11-Dec-2017 Washington Post Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Letter from prison: Trump’s pandering to Bahrain has deadly consequences
8-Dec-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Sheikh Isa Qassim Bahrain’s Shi’ite spiritual leader undergoes surgery, activists say
28-Nov-2017 International Business Times Saudi – Arms Sales Conservative MPs have accepted £130,000 in gifts from Saudi government since start of Yemen war
27-Nov-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Sheikh Isa Qassim Bahrain’s top Shi’ite cleric’s health deteriorates: activists
27-Nov-2017 New York Times Bahrain – Sheikh Isa Qassim Health of Bahrain’s Top Shiite Cleric Worsens
16-Nov-2017 BuzzFeed Bahrain – Embassy Boris Johnson Has Been Warned An Embassy In London Has Been “Colluding” In Reprisals Against Human Rights Protesters
10-Nov-2017 International Business Times Bahrain – Elyas Al-Mulla My terminally ill son is being tortured in a Bahraini prison, yet the UK government remains silent
1-Nov-2017 Aljazeera Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain charges opposition leader with ‘spying’
1-Nov-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Sheikh Ali Salman Bahrain opposition leader charged of conspiring with Qatar
31-Oct-2017 The Times Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain jails relatives of activist who fled to the UK
31-Oct-2017 International Business Times Bahrain – Alwadaei My family ended up in prison because I fought for human rights in Bahrain – but the UK panders to its royals
30-Oct-2017 The Telegraph Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain jails Britain-based activist’s family members
30-Oct-2017 Amnesty International Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain: Relatives of UK-based human rights activist sentenced to three years in prison
30-Oct-2017 BBC News Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain court jails UK-based activist’s relatives
30-Oct-2017 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain: Activists’ Kin Convicted in Flawed Trial
30-Oct-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain convicts activist’s family members, militant suspects
30-Oct-2017 INDEX Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain: UK-based rights activist’s family sentenced to three years in reprisal case
29-Oct-2017 AFP Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain women detainees end hunger strike: rights group
27-Oct-2017 Reuters Bahrain – AlWadaei Rights groups urge UK to request Bahrain free activist’s relatives
27-Oct-2017 AFP Bahrain – Isa Town Prison Five Bahraini women detainees on hunger strike: rights group
26-Oct-2017 Human Rights Watch Bahrain – Sayed Alawi Bahrain: ‘Disappeared’ Engineer Faces Military Trial
24-Oct-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Op-ed My daughter will be born stateless – in the UK
24-Oct-2017 Huffington Post Saudi Arabia – Awamiyah When Saudi Arabia’s Shia citizens are dying from gunshot wounds, the UN must ask questions
24-Oct-2017 International Business Times Saudi Arabia – Awamiyah Saudi Arabia kills Shia Muslims – but the US turns a blind eye to win arms deals
23-Oct-2017 The New Arab Bahrain – Ebtesam Al-Saegh Bahrain temporarily frees female activist detained on ‘terrorism’ charges
23-Oct-2017 AFP Bahrain – Ebtesam Al-Saegh Bahrain temporarily frees female activists: rights groups
22-Oct-2017 Assoicated Press Bahrain – Ebtesam Al-Saegh Bahrain Female Activist, 2 Others Freed From Detention
16-Oct-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Arms Trade; Bahrain – UK Bahrain’s first major arms fair, brought to you by British organisers
6-Oct-2017 New Internationalist Saudi Arabia – al-Nimr Family Saudi persecution of the al-Nimr family continues
4-Oct-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK Queen accused of horse trading with Bahrain on human rights
4-Oct-2017 Bahrain Mirror Bahrain – Ebtesam al-Saegh Female detainees declare strike after prison authorities impose new barrier during family visits
29-Sep-2017 Middle East Eye Saudi Arabia – Yemen UN agrees to send war crimes investigators to Yemen in compromise deal
29-Sep-2017 The Guardian Saudi Arabia – Yemen Independent investigation will look into human rights abuses in Yemen
28-Sep-2017 International Business Times Saudi Arabia – Yemen UK to block UN probe into Yemen war after Saudi Arabia threatens to cut trade ties
27-Sep-2017 OpenDemocracy Saudi Arabia – Awamiyah, Sajaad Turning weapons on a toddler
26-Sep-2017 Middle East Monitor Saudi Arabia – Yemen British officials harbour doubts about Saudi-led investigations into alleged war crimes in Yemen
20-Sep-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Torture No torture in Bahraini prisons’ claims UK-backed rights group
11-Sep-2017 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Human rights activist’s trial postponed to 27 September
7-Sep-2017 Amnesty International Bahrain – Civil Society – UK role UK is ‘lending cover’ to Bahrain as it pursues human rights crackdown – new report
7-Sep-2017 Amnesty International Bahrain – Civil Society Bahrain: ‘No one can protect you’: Bahrain’s year of crushing dissent
7-Sep-2017 The Canary Bahrain – UK Amnesty slams this UK ally in a damning new report. But Britain will sell it weapons anyway.
6-Sep-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Op-ed Bahrain is buying arms in London – and my family is paying the price
5-Sep-2017 UN HCHR Bahrain – AlWadaei Internal Communication
5-Sep-2017 Bahrain Mirror Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Int’l Organizations Call to Stand in Solidarity with Nabeel Rajab in front of Bahraini Embassy in London
31-Aug-2017 International Business Times Saudi – Awamiya – Mercedes Mercedes-Benz under fire for supplying Saudi military with armoured vehicle in Awamiyah siege
30-Aug-2017 Die Zeit Saudi – Awamiya – Mercedes Das Auto als Waffe
28-Aug-2017 iNews Bahrain – UK Revealed: Britain sells ex-RAF aircraft to Bahrain and other human rights abusers
17-Aug-2017 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Human Rights Defenders Bahrain: “They want you to be broken and this is why we keep going”
15-Aug-2017 New Zealand Herald Saudi – Awamiya – Sajaad Boy, 3, dies after Saudi security forces ‘open fire on his family’ in a besieged Shia neighbourhood
11-Aug-2017 Daily Mail Saudi – Awamiya – Sajaad Three-year-old boy dies after Saudi security forces ‘open fire on his family’ in a besieged Shia neighbourhood
10-Aug-2017 International Business Times Saudi – Awamiya – Sajaad Awamiyah: Three-year-old boy dies from wounds after Saudi security forces ‘open fire on family’
10-Aug-2017 Borgen Magazine Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Prison for Defender of Human Rights in Bahrain
10-Aug-2017 Independent Saudi – Awamiya – Sajaad Toddler dies in ‘harrowing pain’ after he was shot by security forces in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan
9-Aug-2017 Middle East Eye Saudi – Awamiya – Sajaad Three-year-old boy dies amid siege of Saudi Shia town
8-Aug-2017 Index on Censorship Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahraini court postpones decision in case against Nabeel Rajab
7-Aug-2017 Pen International Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: FCO silence on Nabeel Rajab “appalling”, ahead of his 7th August trial
7-Aug-2017 Bahrain Mirror Bahrain – Yousef Al-Jamri BIRD: National Security Agency Tortures Citizens, Yousef Al-Jamri his Recent Victim
7-Aug-2017 Bahrain Mirror Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab British MEPs and HR Groups Send Letter to FCO: Silence on Rajab’s Case “Appalling”
7-Aug-2017 Reporters Without Borders Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: FCO Silence on Nabeel Rajab “Appalling”, Say 17 Rights Groups and MPs Ahead of His Trial
6-Aug-2017 FIDH Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: FCO Silence on Nabeel Rajab “Appalling”, Say 17 Rights Groups and MPs Ahead of His Trial Tomorrow
19-Jul-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Torture; Bahrain – UK Fresh fears over extent of UK links to Bahrain ‘torture prisons’
19-Jul-2017 AP News Bahrain – Ebtesam al-Saegh Rights group: Bahraini activist charged under terrorism law
17-Jul-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Sport How Bahrain uses sport to whitewash a legacy of torture and human rights abuses
14-Jul-2017 Al Jazeera Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab UN calls for release of Bahraini rights campaigner
11-Jul-2017 Al Jazeera Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Nabeel Rajab sentenced to two years in jail
11-Jul-2017 The Wire Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahraini Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab Sentenced to Two Years in Jail
10-Jul-2017 European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab sentencd to 2 years in absentia as unfair trial concludes
10-Jul-2017 AFP/Daily Mail Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Top Bahrain activist sentenced to 2 years in jail
10-Jul-2017 BBC News Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Bahrain: Activist Nabeel Rajab jailed for ‘fake news’
8-Jul-2017 The Washington Post Bahrain – US Bahrain is stripping dissidents of their citizenship, and the US is silent
15-Jun-2017 The Wire Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Defence Lawyers Walk out of Bahraini Activist’s High-Profile Trial
5-Jul-2017 International Business Times Bahrain – Ebtesam al-Saegh Bahrain’s Crackdown On Human Rights: Groups Urge for Activist Ebtisam al-Saegh’s Release
27-Jun-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK UK minister accepted more than £45,000 for Middle East trips
25-Jun-2017 Al Jazeera Bahrain – al-Wasat Al-Wasat: Newspaper shut down by Bahrain fires staff
15-Jun-2017 Bahrain Mirror/Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Reuters: Defense Lawyers Walk out of Top Bahraini Activist Trial
14-Jun-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Defence lawyers walk out of top Bahraini activist trial
13-Jun-2017 Vice Bahrain – UK VICE Exclusive: DUP Leader Met a Gulf Police Chief in a Cocktail Bar
12-Jun-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – AlWadaei Amnesty condemns Bahraini intimidation of UK-based activist
5-Jun-2017 Daily Mail Bahrain – Sport; Saudi – Sport Six nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over claims it’s backing ISIS and al-Qaeda as fears mount for 2022 World Cup being held in the country
4-Jun-2017 Daily Mail Bahrain – al-Wasat Bahrain bans newspaper for ‘sowing division’
3-Jun-2017 The Independent Bahrain – Civil Society The Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain is quietly heading towards a ‘total suppression of human rights’
31-May-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Wa’ad Bahrain heading for ‘total suppression’ with secular group ban
31-May-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Wa’ad Bahrain outlaws main secular opposition group
24-May-2017 BBC News Bahrain – Diraz Killings Bahrain unrest: Death toll from raid on cleric’s home rises to five
23-May-2017 La Croix Bahrain – Civil Society Tirs sur des manifestants à Bahreïn: un mort et des dizaines de blessés
16-May-2017 Reuters Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Top Bahrain activist denied bail: rights group
13-May-2017 Belfast Telegraph Bahrain – UK Three detained in Bahrain over Windsor Horse Show protests
11 May Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK UK rights group urges queen to tackle Bahrain king on repression
9-May-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – UK UK aid paid for military band to play at Queen’s birthday event in ‘toxic’ Bahrain
28-Apr-2017 Bahrain Mirror Bahrain – Civil Society ADHRB Calls on Bahrain to End Widespread Reprisals against Activists Ahead of UPR
15-Apr-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – F1 (Op-ed) If F1 can’t help protect ordinary Bahrainis, stop the grand prix
14-Apr-2017 The Ferret Bahrain – F1 Bahrain Grand Prix should be cancelled, say human rights groups
10-Apr-2017 Buisness Insider Bahrain – F1 Campaigners want Formula One to cancel the Bahrain Grand Prix this week — here’s why
8-Apr-2017 Bahrainalyoum Bahrain – F1 OpenDemocracy: Formula 1 will land in Bahrain next week. Do we forget the country’s human rights abuses? (Arabic)
7-Apr-2017 OpenDemocracy Bahrain – F1 Formula 1 will land in Bahrain next week. Do we forget the country’s human rights abuses?
7-Apr-2017 Arabian Business Bahrain – F1 Human rights groups call for Bahrain F1 race to be cancelled
6-Apr-2017 Irish Times Bahrain – F1 Bahrain rights groups call for F1 race to be cancelled
6-Apr-2017 Reuters Bahrain – F1 Bahrain rights groups call for F1 race to be canceled
6-Apr-2017 Daily Mail Bahrain – F1 Human rights campaigners call on F1 to cancel Bahrain Grand Prix and claim race is attempt to ‘whitewash’ abuses
31-Mar-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Musicians Tom Jones and UB40 to perform in Bahrain despite crackdown
31-Mar-2017 International Buisness Times Saudi – General Asiri Saudi general gives crowd the middle finger after dodging citizen’s arrest by London peace activist
28-Mar-2017 CommonSpace Bahrain – Mustafa Hamdan Foreign Office silent over alleged UK training of Bahraini forces’ shooting of teenager
25-Mar-2017 LaVanguardia Bahrain – Mustafa Hamdan Clashes between police and attendants at a funeral in Bahrain (Spanish)
24-Mar-2017 Daily Mail Bahrain – Mustafa Hamdan Bahraini, 18, dies after attack on cleric’s home: Amnesty
22-Mar-2017 Huffington Post Bahrain – Alwadaei Bahrain Regime Targets Families of Dissidents in Fresh Reprisals
22-Mar-2017 Committee to Protect Journalists Bahrain – Mohammed al-Shaikh Former AFP photographer arrested in Bahrain airport
22-Mar-2017 Huffington Post Bahrain – Alwadaei & Ebtesam al-Saegh Bahrain Regime Targets Families of Dissidents in Fresh Reprisals
21-Mar-2017 New York Times Bahrain – Alwadaei Human Rights Activist: Bahrain, Backed by U.S., is Targeting My Family
20-Mar-2017 Yahoo News Bahrain – Ebrahaim Sharif Bahrain charges opposition figure with ‘inciting hatred’
19-Mar-2017 RT Bahrain – Mohammed Sahwan Bahrain police clash with protesters after funeral of activist who died in custody (VIDEO)
15-Mar-2017 Neue Züricher Zeitung Bahrain – UN Human Rights in the Gulf: Switzerland delights the King of Bahrain
9-Mar-2017 CommonSpace Bahrain – Alwadaei UK Gov silent as human rights activist’s family is hounded by Gulf ally
9-Mar-2017 Irish Legal News Bahrain – Alwadaei Relatives of UK resident reportedly tortured by Bahraini police
8-Mar-2017 Reprieve Bahrain – Alwadaei UK must stop Bahrain’s reprisals against death penalty campaigner
7-Mar-2017 The New Arab Bahrain – Alwadaei Exiled Bahraini activist’s family ‘detained as revenge’
6-Mar-17 AP News Bahrain – Wa’ad Bahrain files lawsuit to dissolve secular political party
6-Mar-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Military Trials Bahrain moves to ban opposition party and let army courts try civilians
5-Mar-2017 New York Times Bahrain – Military Trials Bahrain’s Parliament Approves Military Trials for Civilians
5-Mar-2017 AP News Bahrain – Military Trials Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians
5-Mar-2017 Bloomberg Bahrain – Military Trials Bahrain Parliament Approves Military Trials for Civilians
2-Mar-2017 The Ferret Bahrain – Mustafa Hamdan State security officers in Bahrain allegedly donned balaclavas and fired on protesters leaving a teenager critically ill in hospital, according to critics of the government.
01-Mar-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK EXCLUSIVE: UK refuses to back UN statement on Bahrain rights abuses
23-Feb-2017 International Buisness Times Bahrain Six years since Bahrain’s revolution, Britain continues to back the monarchy’s despotic rule
22-Feb-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – Military Trials Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians
16-Feb-2017 CommonSpace Bahrain – UK EU Parliament & Scots MEP slam Bahrain for human rights abuses – but UK maintains support
11-Feb-2017 L’Orient Le Jour Bahrain – Military Trials More and more repressed, the Bahraini people want to conitinue fighting (French)
7-Feb-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK British MPs question ‘slush fund’ aid spending in Bahrain
5-Feb-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – UK Most Britons believe selling arms to Saudis is ‘unacceptable’
5-Feb-2017 The Times Bahrain – UK Britain helps train ‘violent’ Bahraini police
26-Jan-2017 The Guardian Bahrain – Nabeel Rajab Activist faces prison for saying journalists are banned from Bahrain
25-Jan-2017 The Ferret Bahrain – Al-Mansour UK trained war crimes investigations unit led by the ‘Butcher’
23-Jan-2017 Middle East Eye Bahrain – UK UK funds parliament of Bahrain as it halts reforms and backs executions

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