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Current Session
Date EDM Number Topic Sponsors Signatories
22-Nov-18 1872  

Reprisals of female political prisoners and victims of torture and sexual abuse in Bahrain

Chris Law, Ian Blackford, David Linden, John McNally, Carol Monaghan, Philippa Whitford 22
13-Sept-18 1631 End the degrading treatment of political prisoners Tom Brake, Matt Western, Grahame Morris, Paul Farrelly, George Howarth, Tim Farron 45
Previous Sessions
15-May-18 EDM 1266 Funding Human rights abuses in Bahrain (IAF) Jonathan Edwards, Ben Lake, Hywel Williams, Liz Saville Roberts, Martyn Day, Jim Shannon 21
26-Apr-18 EDM 1210 Royal Windsor Horse show and human rights in Bahrain Andy Slaughter, Dennis Skinner, Chris Stephens,Roger Godsiff, Jim Shannon, Kelvin Hopkins 26
6-Nov-17 EDM 509 Sayed Alwadaei’s family sentence Ann Clwyd, Jim Shannon, Caroline Lucas, Andy Slaughter, Chris Stephens, Stuart C McDonald 83
20-Jul-17 EDM 230 Nabeel Rajab Tom Brake, Sir Peter Bottomley, Christine Jardine, Paul Farelly, Andy Slaughter, Jim Shannon 33
15-Jun-16 EDM 223 Al Wefaq, Nabeel Rajab, Zainab Al Khawaja and Suspension of FCO Technical Assistance Ann Clwyd, Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie, Alasdair McDonnell, Margaret Ferrier, Chris Law 20
04-May-16 EDM 1443 National Dialogue in Bahrain Angus MacNeil, Kelvin Hopkins, Mark Durkan, Alan Brown, Jim Shannon, Ian Blackford 16
27-Oct-15 EDM 607 Detention of Opposition Leaders in Bahrain Tom Brake, Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie, Jim Shannon, Alan Meale, Martyn Day 19
02-Jul-15 EDM 241 Free Speech in Bahrain Angus MacNeil, Martyn Day, Peter Bottomley, Jonathan Edwards, Stuart Donaldson, Liz Saville Roberts 44
12-Feb-15 EDM 800 Statelessness and Terrorism Laws in Bahrain Jeremy Corbyn, David Amess, Martin Horwood, Mark Durkan, George Galloway, Kelvin Hopkins 29
08-Dec-14 EDM 609 Bahrain Base Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas, Julian Huppert, Katy Clark, John McDonnell, John Cryer 56
03-Jul-14 EDM 213 Bahrain Justice System Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Linda Riordan, Graeme Morrice, Ann Clwyd, Diane Abbott 73
08-Apr-14 EDM 1271 Medical Neutrality in Bahrain David Amess, Peter Bottomley, Michael Connarty, Mark Durkan, Jim Shannon, Jonathan Edwards 23
17-Mar-13 EDM 1194 Bahrain Formula One GP 2014 Katy Clark, Jeremy Corbyn, Frank Dobson, John Leech, John McDonnell, Julian Huppert 38
12-Feb-13 EDM 1081 Human Rights in Bahrain (No.2) Katy Clark, Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie, Glenda Jackson, Bob Russell, Kelvin Hopkins 29
19-Dec-13 EDM 901 Human Rights in Bahrain, torture, extrajudicial killing and arms sales Jeremy Corbyn, Katy Clark, John McDonnell, David Anderson, Jonathan Edwards, Kelvin Hopkins 44


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