Ebrahim Sharif


Date of Arrest: 17 March 2011
Prison Sentence: 5 years
Torture: Sleep depravation, severe battery, sexual abuse, stripped of all his clothes
Health: Requires specialist health care and rehabilitation for torture injuries sustained

Ebrahim Sharif is a leading opposition politician of the Wa’ad Party. He is an advocate for peaceful and moderate reforms towards democracy and the rights of the Shia majority in Bahrain. He is known for his ideas and speeches about a range of political issues, and his loyalty to the Arab culture. In prison he has been subjected to torture, beatings, humiliation and verbal abuse. He has been routinely denied contact to his family. Following a series of unfair trials, Ebrahim is now serving five years in prison for his peaceful protests and advocacy for justice, rights, and democracy in Bahrain. 

Download Ebrahim’s card here.

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