Mohammed Ali Ismael


Date of Arrest: 23 March 2011
Prison Sentence: 15 years
Torture: Severe beatings, electrocution, doused in cold water
Health: Requires rehabilitation and treatment for torture wounds

Mohamed Ali Ismail is a political activist and close relative of Abdulwahab Hussain. He was arrested on 23 March 2011 and detained for two weeks at Al Qa’lah, where was subjected to electrocution during interrogations in an attempt to extract a false confession. The interrogations took place without the presence of a lawyer and without any legal council. Ismail was doused in cold water while blindfolded and beaten with a electric shock device that causes burns and severe pain. Ismail was transferred to Dry Docks Prison and then Al Grain Prison on 07 April 2011. While detained at both Dry Docks and Al Grain, Ismail was subjected to beatings and verbal abuse about both him and his religion.

Ismail was tried in a special military court on charges that included “collusion with a terrorist organization” and “plotting to overthrow the regime.” He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Several human rights organizations, including the BCHR, have declared the trial unjust.

On his 2011 arrest:

After my arrest on 23rd of March I was detained for two weeks in Al Qal’ah Prison then I was transferred to the Dry Dock Prison and then to Al Grain Prison on 7th April. There I was subjected to beatings and insults both to my person and to my beliefs. The most painful torture was electrocution at Al Qal’ah Prison during interrogations to extract confessions from me. They poured cold water all over my body while blindfolded and then they beat me with a device that once touches your body, you feel an electric shock which burns the skin and causes severe pain. This continues until I become tired and exhausted. This torture method was repeated several times. In the Dry Dock Prison I met the detainee Ahmed Al Maqabi and he told me that he was electrocuted on his private parts.”

Download Mohammed’s card here.

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