Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Muqdad


Date of Arrest: 27 March 2011
Prison Sentence: life
Torture: Beatings, ill and degrading treatment, doused in cold water, forced standing,
Health: Requires rehabilitation for torture

Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Miqdad is a prominent political leader and the founder of Al Wafaa, a Shia opposition political group in Bahrain. In 2010, Al-Sheikh Abduljalil was prohibited from leading Prayers as a reprisal against his political views. He was arrested on the 27 March 2011, and was subjected to torture that included beatings with belts, being spat on and being drenched in water. He was also blindfolded and verbally abused. For three hours he went through a humiliating interrogation by a young man who identified himself as the personal representative of the King. The authorities then threatened to rape his wife if he did not apologise for his actions on camera. Sheikh Abduljalil was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

Download Sheikh Abduljalil’s card here.

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