Sheikh Saeed Al-Noori


Date of Arrest: 17 March 2011
Prison Sentence: life
Torture: Beatings, sexual abuse, hanging, shoes stuffed in mouth, forced standing,
Health: Requires rehabilitation for torture

Sheikh Saeed Al-Noori, also known as Saeed Mirza Ahmed Al-Noori, is a religious cleric and member of Al Wafaa. Al-Nuri has been known to speak out and criticize the government on human rights violations. He was arrested on 15 August 2010 by the security forces for unspecified activities intended to “undermine security and stability in the country.” Before his arrest, he had participated in the organizing of demonstrations demanding the release of detainees and prisoners. At his hearing before the public prosecutors on 28 August 2010, Al-Noori showed signs of beatings and possible torture on his hands and feet. He stated that he had been hung by his arms, handcuffed, and beaten. During his arrest, the BCHR received information that Al-Noori was being subjected to brutal physical and mental torture. He was handcuffed and blindfolded in a solitary cell and was not allowed any food or drinks for extended periods at a time. Torture makes were easily visible on Al-Noori body, including indication that he had been tied in the Falaqa way (tying, securing the feet in stocks, locking the legs into an elevated position, or hanging upside-down) and then continuously beat on his legs until they swelled and he was unable to walk. Al-Noori was not allowed to speak to his lawyer alone, and during the interrogation sessions at the Public Prosecution, his lawyer was asked to sit quietly behind Al-Noori so that there would be no eye contact between them.

Al-Nuri was released on 28 February 2011, but was arrested again by security forces on 17 March 2011 during a home raid because the government viewed him as being “closely aligned with those seeking more radical changes in the power structure.” Detained simultaneously with Abduljalil Al-Singace, Sa’eed was also subjected to torture methods that included having shoes stuffed into his mouth and being forced to stand for prolonged periods of time.

He was tried by a special military court to life in prison in what is widely regarded as an unjust trial.

Download Sheikh Saeed’s card here.

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